Realtor Information

Application Information

  • Fairfield Master Association requires completed applications from every prospective buyer/renter prior to moving to Fairfield at Boca
  • Every individual planning to reside in Fairfield MUST be listed on the application. If the unit purchaser plans to have a family member reside in their home, they MUST be on the SAME application to be permitted access to the community. 
  • If the applicant(s)/purchaser(s) roommate is not family, they are required to fill out their own separate application, and include the fees. 
  • Any individual living onsite over 30 days is legally considered a resident, and will be expected to fill out and turn in a completed application with fees. 

Background Screening Form

  • All individuals over 18 MUST fill out their OWN background screening form. 
  • A background screening is required for ALL applicants over 18. If the applicant is a mother of two 18 year olds, both 18 year olds MUST fill out their OWN background forms. 

HOA Interview

  • Once the applicant(s) have submitted the application, along with the correct fees, the information will be turned to that subdivision IF managed by RMC. The onsite office will schedule with the board & the applicant for their HOA interview. 
  • The HOA interview is a MANDATORY interview between the applicant, a board member. This will be scheduled with the applicant & NOT the realtor, as they are NOT permitted to be there. 
  • Set up your HOA interview by contacting the office with the information below. 
  • If you are moving into Court Homes I, Court Homes III or Townhomes I, please contact their property management company for interview. 

Application Fees

  • NO cash will be accepted for Application fees. Check or money orders only. 
  • All renters are REQUIRED to pay a refundable  security deposit of $1000 made payable to Fairfield at Boca. 
  • Please be advised that other than the security deposit required for renters, all application fees are nonrefundable.

Fees per  application per subdivision are as follows:

  • Carriage Houses - $200.00 (Buckhead Circle)
  • Court Homes II - $200.00 (Fairfield Lane, Coronado Ridge, 5112-5139 Point  Alexis)
  • Court Homes IV- $100.00 (5080-5108 Point Alexis and 5040-5052 Pointe Emerald)
  • Grand Fairfield-  $200.00 (Grand Park Place). Grand Fairfield also collects a $100.00 yearly renter renewals fee.
  • Town Homes II - $150.00 (Pointe Emerald) 
  • Court Homes I, Court Homes III and Townhomes I are not managed by Residential Management Concepts. Please contact appropriate property management company for their specific application and fees. 

Transponders/Gate Keys


  • Transponders are stickers placed in a residents car allowing them to utilize the resident entrance. 
  • Transponders are placed on cars by staff of the onsite office ONLY. 
  • All residents residing in Fairfield are required to make arrangements with the office to purchase a Transponder for their vehicle, providing a more convenient entrance into the community.
  • All residents are given (1) Transponder for free on the day of move in, after that each Transponder is $30. 

Pool/Gate Keys

  • All residents are able to purchase a pool/gate key from the office during office hours for $5 per key. 

Estoppel Information

  • Please be advised that Fairfield request (2) estoppels. One for the Master: $250, and one per subdivision: $250. This equals in total $500 for the (2) estoppels. 
  • All forms must be completed as we do not accept blank forms.  There is a 7-10 business day turn around, and the fee is $250.00. Rush order is 3-4 business day and fee is $350.00. 
  • Condo questionnaire's are 7-10 business days with a fee of $250.00. Rush (3-4 business days) is  $350.00. 
  • Please be advised that condo questionnaire's estoppel process is also requires (2) estoppels. 
  • For additional info, please contact Giovanni Garcia at Residential Management at  954-426-0151. 

Paperwork must be mailed with payment to:

Residential Management Concepts, Inc

20540 Country Club Blvd, Suite 101

Boca Raton FL 33434    

Open House Policy & Realtor Access

Open House Policy

  • Open Houses may be held only on weekends with a broker, agent or homeowner present.
  • Hours shall be 10 am to 5 pm.
  • All persons must be cleared by the gate attendant, no one will be granted access unless there is somebody on the premises who can give the gate attendant instructions.
  • No signs or fanfare are permitted anywhere on the Fairfield Master Property.
  • The broker must keep a list of all people visiting an Open House, so it may be compared with the list compiled at the gate house.  Although the Association recognizes the right for an owner to sell their home, the Association will not sacrifice the security of the other residents to accomplish this.

Realtor/New Owner or Tenant Access

If an owner wishes their listing agent to have unrestricted access to their property, they must put them on the permanent guest list. Immediately after the closing/execution of the lease, new residents must make arrangements with the office to update their information. This is required to obtain access to the community.

Set up an HOA Interview

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All potential residents of Fairfield at Boca are required to attend an HOA interview as part of the application process. 

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