Frequently Asked Questions

What are your office hours?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 10am - 1pm 

Thursday: 2pm - 6pm 

  • For emergencies after hours please call (954) 426 - 0151

What is the Master HOA fee & where do I send it? 

The Master HOA fee: $160/monthly

  • Residents can mail the Master fee to Residential Management Concepts P.O BOX 97-0069, Boca Raton FL 33497
  • Residents can also drop off the Master fee at the on site office!

When is the Master fee considered late?

HOA fees are due on the 1st of each month and are late on the 15th of each month. A $10 late fee will apply to all payments made on or after the 15th. Please be advised that any fees over 30 days past due will be sent over to a collection company.  

  • All Transponders belonging to residents who's fees are past due will be deactivated

Can I pay my dues using AFT?

If you would like to benefit from Automatic Funds Transfer, you can call the main office, and speak to Giovanni who will assist you in setting this up (954) 426-0151.

How do residents gain access to the community? 

Residents gain access using Transponders. Transponders are available only for those whose car registrations & driver's licenses note a Fairfield address. The cost per transponder is $30.00.

Who is the Master Association's Insurance Company for Fairfield at Boca?

Plastridge Insurance is the Master insurance company & Kurt Levine is our representative. You can reach Kurt at (561) 395-1433

Who do I call if I have a problem with the sprinklers or street lights by my home?

Call the Master Association, (561) 368-5738.

Who do I call if I have a problem with the landscaping by my home?

Call your sub-association management company.

What is the name of the towing company and how can I reach them?

Emerald Towing (561)361-9111

Who do I call if I have garbage that the normal garbage collectors will not take?

Pleas call Waste Management at (561) 547-4000. 

  • The cost should be $70 for the first two tons and $11 for each additional ton. Yard clippings are picked up automatically on Saturdays.

Are their restrictions on vendors working in the community?

Vendors are permitted to work in Fairfield Monday - Friday: 7am- 7pm 

Saturdays: 8am - 7pm 

  • Vendors will NOT be permitted access to work in the community on Sundays. 
  • Vendors will NOT be permitted access to work in the community during all holidays listed under the "Calendar" tab. 

Can I park on the street in front of my home?

Absolutely not! No parking on the street is allowed. All cars must be parked in your garage, driveway, or the guest parking lot. 

  • Grand Fairfield is the ONLY subdivision that allows parking on the streets during board approved hours. Please refer to the Grand Fairfield website for more information.